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R.I.P. MySpace.
MySpace’s glory days are gone.

Myspace used to be the “Tumblr” of the previous teenage generation. (2005-2009)

On Myspace were born the first web-teen subcultures.
Remember the emo, the brootal, the popcore kids, the scene girls, the sxe mosh warriors etc…

Myspace had it’s own rules, it’s own celebrities and above all it’s own aesthetic.

Let’s compile together our MySpace memories!
Let’s build an anthropological Myspace Museum!

Myspace Nostalgia is a collaborative project initiated by Dora Moutot , celebrating the MySpace aesthetic.

Please, contribute by sharing your MySpace pictures or anything that reminds you of this Internet glorious time.


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Posted: Wed May 16th, 2012 at 3:58pm
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